Private Wealth FNB Credit Card

If you are an individual with a high income and a commensurate lifestyle, the FNB Private Wealth Card can offer a variety of exceptional benefits. From airport lounges to free global travel insurance, this card is designed to accommodate your unique needs.

Private Wealth FNB Credit Card Benefits

Enjoy the finer things in life: take advantage of the benefits eBucks Lifestyle offers when you have a Private Wealth credit card.

Choose more value for you and your family: as an FNB Private Wealth account holder, you can get more value each month with eBucks. Take advantage of the free eBucks Rewards Program membership and simply qualify to start earning rewards.

Personalized rate: enjoy a personalized interest rate tailored to your unique credit profile.

Private Wealth FNB Card Fees and Fees

O FNB Private Wealth oferece um ambiente exclusivo para clientes em busca de serviços financeiros personalizados e diferenciados. Dentro da estrutura de taxas e comissões, destaca-se a taxa mensal fixa de R575, que abrange uma variedade de benefícios e serviços premium.

Positive points

  • Interest free:
    Earn up to 55 days interest free.
  • Budget Facility:
    Choose a repayment period between 6 and 60 months.
  • Automated payments:
    Never worry about missing a payment, choose from 5 convenient refund options.

Negative points

  • Minimum income:
    Earn an income equal to R15 million or higher per year to qualify.
  • Net worth::
    Or have a net worth of more than R15 million.
  • The card may not be suitable for everyone:
    The card is designed for customers with high income and lifestyle. If you don’t fall into this category, you may not take full advantage of the card’s benefits.

Credit card limit

The credit limit of the Private Wealth Card is variable. It is determined by the bank, based on the income and credit history of the client.

How to apply for Private Wealth FNB

  1. Go to the official FNB website
  2. Select the “Private Banking” and click ” APPLY NOW!”
  3. Fill out a form with your personal data
  4. Wait for your reply.
You will be redirected to the card website

How to contact Private Wealth FNB

You can get in touch in simple ways, call:

  • Phone: 087 575 1111
    Phone: 087 736 4800