Discovery Bank Platinum Credit Card

Discovery Bank Platinum offers its holders a variety of financial benefits, including attractive discounts on purchases, payment flexibility and the convenience of virtual cards. In addition, the comprehensive monthly card fee simplifies financial management, providing control and savings.

Discovery Bank Platinum Credit Card Benefits

15% Discounts on purchases: opportunity to save up to 15% on your purchases when using your Discovery Miles at more than 40 major retail partners, both online and in physical stores.

Payment flexibility: convenience of up to 55 days of interest-free purchases on selected credit card transactions, enabling more effective financial management.

Practicality with virtual cards: virtual cards immediately after joining. These virtual cards are ready to use, providing security and convenience in online transactions without the need to wait for a physical card to arrive.

Discovery Bank Platinum Card Fees and Fees

When you purchase a Discovery Bank Platinum Suite, you enjoy an annual fee of R269 per month which encompasses a number of benefits such as your account’s monthly fee, Vitality Money premium, a one-time credit facility fee, most transaction fees and more. After this step, you pay only for the transactions and services that you actually use.

Positive points

  • Vitality Mall 15% discounts:
    15% off when you spend your rewards on a wide range of exciting offers at Vitality Mall.
  • Simple payments with Discovery contacts:
    Holders have the ability to make payments in a simplified way to any of their contacts who are also Discovery customers, using only the mobile number of those contacts.
  • Advanced technology
    The banking app offers advanced facial recognition technology for the authentication and login of the holders.

Negative points

  • Interest rate:
    The interest rate on the card is 2.99% per month.
  • Credit limit:
    The credit limit of the card is determined by the bank, based on the income and credit history of the customer.
  • Coverages:
    Card coverages are limited, including only purchase protection insurance and flight delay insurance.

Credit card limit

The credit limit of Discovery Bank Platinun is set according to the customer’s credit analysis, which takes into account factors such as income, payment history and credit score. The initial limit is R10, 000.00 but can be increased over time as the customer demonstrates ability to pay.

How to apply for Discovery Bank Platinum

  1. Go to the official Discovery website.
  2. Click on The “Register” option.
  3. Fill out the form with your personal information.
  4. Select the option ” Discovery Bank Platinum.”
  5. Wait for a response to your request.
You will be redirected to the card website

How to contact Discovery Bank Platinum

To get in touch you can call:

  • Phone: 0800 07 96 97