Discovery Bank Infinite Credit Card

The Discovery Bank Infinite Card is an invitation to a world of exceptional financial privilege. With incredible discounts on international flights, a negative loan rate that puts you at an advantage, and versatile Discovery Miles rewards, this card offers a unique experience. Enjoy affordable travel, advantageous financing and the flexibility to choose how to use your rewards, all on a single card.

Discovery Bank Infinite Credit Card Benefits

Get up to 75% discount on international flights: with this card, you can enjoy significant discounts of up to 75% on airline tickets to international destinations, making your travels more economical and affordable.

Up to -2% loan rate: this card offers the incredible advantage of a negative loan rate, up to -2%. This means that by taking a loan, you will actually pay less than the principal amount.

Discovery Miles: rewards for getting healthier, driving well and spending responsibly. Discovery Miles is the discovery reward currency that’s more versatile – and more valuable – than cash

Discovery Bank Infinite Card Fees and Fees

With a Discovery Bank Purple Suite account, you enjoy an annual fee of R599 per month, which comprises your account’s monthly fee, Vitality Money premium and most transaction fees, as well as an annual card fee of R3, 250. After this step, you only make payments based on what you use. For more detailed information on bank fees, see the fee guide.

Positive points

  • Travel rewards:
    Convert your Discovery Miles into flights, vacation accommodations, and car rentals. Save on your adventures and enjoy memora ble experiences without spending too much.
  • Generous discounts on Nike products:
    Save up to 75% on Nike fitness devices and performance equipment. Stay in shape with high-quality products at affordable prices.
  • Exchange your miles for cash:
    Turn your miles into cash. Maximize the value of your rewards by getting money that can be used for your financial needs or personal desires.

Negative points

  • Annuity:
    The Discovery Bank Infinite card annuity is considered alt. This can be a disadvantage for some customers, especially those with tight budgets.
  • Credit limit:
    The credit limit of the card is determined by the bank, based on the income and credit history of the customer. Some customers may find that the credit limit is insufficient for their needs.
  • Limited coverages:
    The card offers some coverages such as shopping protection insurance and flight delay insurance. However, some customers may find that the coverages are insufficient.

Credit card limit

The amount of the credit limit of the Discovery Bank Infinite credit card is established by the financial institution based on the client’s income and credit history. On average, the credit limit for the Discovery Bank Infinite Card is R50, 000.00. However, this limit can vary up or down depending on each customer’s individual circumstances.

How to apply for Discovery Bank Infinite

  1. Go to the official Discovery website.
  2. Click on The “Register” option.
  3. Fill out the form with your personal information.
  4. Select the option ” Discovery Bank Infinite.”
  5. Wait for a response to your request.
You will be redirected to the card website

How to contact Discovery Bank Infinite

Talking to discovery is easy:

  • Call: 0800 07 96 97