Capitec Credit Card

Capitec stands out as a comprehensive finance option, offering a variety of benefits aimed at enhancing the customer experience. From a generous 1.5% cashback on spending and deposits to the convenience of free credit card delivery to your residence.

Capitec Credit Card Benefits

Up to 55 days interest-free term: we provide you with the freedom to enjoy a period of up to 55 days without financial charges for your purchases, offering flexibility in managing your expenses.

Earn 3.50% per annum with a positive balance: maintaining a positive balance in your account, you not only avoid fees, but also receive an attractive bonus of 3.50% per annum on the available amount, providing an additional return on your financial resources.

Free travel insurance up to R$ 5 million: plan your trips with peace of mind, as we provide free travel insurance with generous coverage of up to R $ 5 million, ensuring protection and safety during your journeys.

Capitec Card Fees and Fees

Within the scope of the financial services offered by Capitec, transparency regarding fees and commissions is a priority. To get started, we provide an affordable initiation fee of R100, making it easy to access benefits. Additionally, the R50 monthly fee ensures ongoing maintenance of the services, ensuring that you receive ongoing support in a transparent and accessible manner.

Positive points

  • Guaranteed 1% reward on every transaction:
    Experience benefits with every transaction, whether through a click, tap, swipe or scan, both in physical and online stores. With a guaranteed 1% cashback, your purchases not only become convenient, but also provide financial rewards.
  • Additional 0.5% bonus on reaching monthly banking goals:
    Exceed your monthly banking goals and get an extra 0.5% cash incentive, further elevating your financial achievements.
  • Currency conversion fee waiver:
    Enjoy worry-free international transactions as our card offers the exclusivity of zero currency conversion fees. This means that your overall shopping experiences will be smooth and cost-effective, with no additional costs.

Negative points

  • Minimum income criteria required:
    For the application of our credit card, it is indispensable to meet specific requirements. The minimum income required is R$5,000 for salaried employees and R $ 10,000 for self-employed customers.
  • No rewards program:
    In full transparency, we clarify that our credit card does not include a loyalty or rewards program.
  • No airport Lounge benefits:
    It is important to note that our card does not currently offer lounge access benefits at the airport.

Credit card limit

Within the financial context of Capitec, we guarantee flexibility and scope to meet your requirements, presenting a remarkable credit limit that can reach up to R500,000. This substantial ceiling reflects our commitment to providing financial solutions aligned with your profile and goals.

How to apply for Capitec

  1. Start a greeting on WhatsApp to the number 067 418 9565, greeting with a “Hello”.
  2. Moving on, Apply for change to Capitec.
  3. Follow the attendant’s instructions, performing the next steps as directed.
You will be redirected to the card website

How to contact Capitec

To contact Capitec, you have the following options:

  • Personal banking: 0860 10 20 43
  • Banking business: 0860 30 92 50
  •  WhatsApp: 067 418 9565.