Bank zero Credit Card

The Bank Zero Credit Card is an attractive financial offer, especially for those who value security and simplicity in their transactions. With features such as card signature control, a special card Patent, and an intuitive in-app design, Banco Zero prioritizes customer protection and experience.

Bank zero Credit Card Benefits

Control of card signatures: As part of zero Bank’s focus on security, we require App-phone authorization for all online purchases-whether the site makes secure purchases or even if it is insecure

Special card patent: The Banco Zero card patent offers a simple yet innovative solution to ensure cutting-edge security.

Intuitive Design: The App is lightweight, simple and intuitive, making it even easier

Bank zero Card Fees and Fees

Bank Zero Credit Card offers an attractive proposition for customers concerned about fees and charges. With a zero monthly account fee and the flexibility of not requiring a minimum balance, this card provides financial freedom, allowing holders to enjoy its benefits without the worry of additional monthly costs.

Positive points

  • Ecosystem:
    Directly connect your Bank Zero accounts (and/or profile) with family, friends, children, employees, business co-owners, club/stokvel members, or basically anyone you choose.
  • Released to under 16s:
    If you are under 16, a legal guardian will need to initiate the process (providing your proof of identity).
  • Proof of payment (PoP):
    A PoP is emailed to you upon your request at no cost to you. Not only can these PoPs be authenticated, but they also contain valuable supporting information for businesses and individuals..

Negative points

  • Low initial credit limit:
    The initial credit limit of the card is R500.00. The limit may be increased over time as the customer demonstrates ability to pay.
  • Limited rewards program:
    The card’s rewards program offers 1% cashback on all purchases. Cashback can be redeemed in invoice credit or on partner products and services.
  • Lack of additional benefits:
    In addition to cashback, the card does not offer other benefits, such as access to VIP lounges at airports or travel insurance.

Credit card limit

The credit limit of Bank zero Credit Card is set according to the customer’s credit analysis, which takes into account factors such as income, payment history and credit score. The initial limit is R500.00 but can be increased over time as the customer demonstrates ability to pay.

How to apply for Bank zero

  1. Download the application “Bank Zero”
  2. Register with your personal data and register
  3. Upload identification documents and verify biometric security.
  4. Customize your account name, card image, PINs, savings goals, and more
  5. Your digital account is open!.
You will be redirected to the card website

How to contact Bank zero

If you still need help, it’s pretty easy: